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Please contact us by phone or using the get in touch box if you would like to view any of the properties we have listed or if you would like an honest appraisal of a property you would like us to let or manage for you.

North West Lettings LLP
2A The Quadrangle
Lower Ormond Street
M1 5QE

Opening Times:

Monday – Thursday        (9am – 5.30pm)

Fridays                              (9am – 1pm)

Saturday                           (11am – 4pm)

Late/Evening viewings can be arranged with 48 hours Notice.


Important Information for Tenants

If you are a Tenant in One of our Managed Properties , please note we do not offer a 24 hour management service.
Our Property Management Team in the City Centre and South Manchester operate Monday to Friday (8.00am to 5.30pm.)

Tenants requiring an EMERGENCY REPAIR outside of our opening hours may wish to organise it themselves, subject to the note below.

NOTE – Tenants are reminded that the costs for any repairs they commission will need to be approved by the Property Management Department before they can be deducted from rent or reimbursed to tenants. By instructing your own repairs prior to obtaining this consent (even through our approved contractor) you run the risk of not being reimbursed if the Landlord concludes the cost of the repairs are excessive or that the Landlord is not liable for them.

Please consider whether this repair can wait until the Property Management Office next opens.

At anytime in case of EMERGENCY the following numbers may be useful:
Gas leak – National Grid on: 0800 111 999
Fire Service & Police Emergency on: 999
Police – Non Emergency (break in) on: 101

Lost Keys: Please Contact A1 Locksmith :07817 244617 (24 hour Locksmith) HOWEVER we recommend you save money and sleep at a friend’s house until we reopen as we May hold a spare set of keys.

The vast majority of property issues can wait to be reported until the next business day when you will be able to contact your Property Manager.

Our Property Management Detail below:


24 Hour Emergency Contact

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